About this blog

I am a social and developmental psychologist with a passion for sharing the latest social developmental science research to provide information to any individual who cares about raising well-adjusted, happy, and self-actualized girls and boys from multiple cultures.

This blog specifically focuses on gender issues that children may encounter that might challenge their healthy development with an awareness that experiences may vary cross-culturally. I discuss current events, personal observations, and research findings meant to encourage discussion. Periodically, I will provide guest posts from other experts in the field.

Having spent many years in the academy, I have noticed that sometimes important, interesting, and relevant findings that took the labor of many hands, for many hours funded by large sums of money from government grants are read and discussed by only a few within the ivory tower. One of my goals is to share these findings with a wider audience.

Individuals who are curious and concerned and who recognize the importance of scientific research in informing gender issues have come to the right place. We hope you find a community of like-minded citizens here.


Who I am

May Ling bio photoDr. May Ling Halim is an Assistant Professor of Developmental Psychology at California State University, Long Beach and the Director of the Culture and Social Identity Development Lab. She teaches Child and Adolescent Development and Social Psychology. Her research specializes in examining how children from diverse groups develop their gender and racial/ethnic identities. May Ling earned her M.A. and Ph.D. in Psychology from New York University and her B.A. in Psychology from Stanford University. She is the author of several publications in journals such as Developmental Psychology and Child Development. Her work has been featured on blogs such as NPR and Psychology Today. She has also commented on gender issues for publications such as The New York Times. She is also a proud auntie of two wonderful nieces. 





The views offered on this blog are my personal views or the personal views of the guest writers and do not represent the views of any university.




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